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Cheryl Jean



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Jean-Pierre I

Jean-Pierre II

The Catcher

Jean is a heavy, strong, twilled cotton, used in making uniforms and work clothes. "Jeans", however, has become the family name for pants made of jean, denim or other durable fabric.

The T-shirt (also tee shirt) is so named because of being shaped like the letter T when spread out.

The T-shirt and jeans have become icons of American Culture.

In Maxwell's ongoing series of paintings that he calls "American Icons", each painting begins with the preparation of a piece of cast-off clothing, usually, jeans or a T-shirt, for use as the substrate for a painting.

Using non-toxic acrylic paints and his extensive painting vocabulary, as well as his improvisational talent, Maxwell makes an irregularly shaped painted object which builds on the design elements inherent in the clothing. The results are striking innovations and represent a significant and unique approach to recycling and to the making of art objects.

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