Culturati, headquartered in San Diego, California, is the exclusive agent for the worldwide distribution of the work of American artist Paul Maxwell.

With our entry into the exciting new world of global electronic interaction, and with the likelihood of communicating with some of Maxwell's existing audience while introducing him to thousands of new potential admirers of his work, Culturati would like to, review, briefly, some significant aspects of Maxwell's activities of the past several years.

In 1983 Maxwell pulled back from the art market's frenzied commercialism to renew his dedication to his long-term goals. These goals require a greater emphasis on educational exhibitions of his work in museums, at colleges and at universities, and the increase of exhibitions outside the U.S.

During this period, Maxwell has worked without interruption, and has had major exhibitions in Australia (representing the U.S. in Australia"s 1988 Bi-Centennial Celebration) and a very successful exhibiton in London (1992).

In 1993 he completed a major painting installation for the highly acclaimed and newly renovated 5055 Wilshire Building in Los Angeles, one of several "percentage for public art" projects that he completed.

It is, however, the developement of Maxwell's new association with Culturati that we want to elaborate. Maxwell realized that the gallery system for art distribution was facing a period of significant change. Revolutionary developements in communication and transportaion were calling for radical review of the ways art is distributed and exhibited.

As this fermenting mix of old and new methods and views was occuring, Maxwell was extending and adjusting his exhibition program to include Australia, and was stepping up activity in Europe.

Finally, it was the finding of a kindred spirit in Culturati, and the joining of Maxwell's and Culturati's efforts that led to this happy annoucement: Culturati and Maxwell are working together at every level of production and distribution of Maxwell's art. We have agreed on a comprehensive plan for the realization of our goals and have begun its implementation!

Central to this new beginning for Culturati and Maxwell is the establishment of our presence on the Web which we plan to pursue to its full potential.


Culturati, as the artist's agent, and with irrevocable dedication to his long-term interests and goals, has the responsibility for seeking out those art dealers and galleries, to represent Maxwell's work, who demonstrate as much concern for the integrity and significance of the work they represent as they do for its saleability.

In our search for gallery representation, Culturati emphasizes the importance of quality exhibition space, reasonable frequency of exhibition, care in storage and handling of work, quality of invitiations and mailing lists, and the dealer's best efforts to utilize the media for promotion.

When Culturati works with an art gallery, we provide valuable assistance in the promotion of Maxwell's work. An example is the providing of a twelve minute documentary on Maxwell, titled PAUL MAXWELL: LINES/HORIZONS, winner of the American Film Festival's Silver Medal for best short documentary and the Texas Museum Director's Gold Medal.


In its role of agent, Culturati distributes and represents Maxwell's work to museums, galleries, private dealers, publishers and distributors throughout the United States, Europe, the Orient and Australia.

Culturati is the publisher and distributor of selected limited edition, multiple original works by Maxwell. These works are produced in a variety of media and in controlled, strictly limited editions, each work being numbered and signed by the artist.

Culturati is art consultant to corporations and to individual private collectors. We are specialists in the acquisition of sculptures, paintings, murals, tapestries and graphics for investment and for visual enhancement of private offices, public spaces and private homes.

To a client, Culturati is "the outside expert", providing a key service - the selection and installation of art that meets the client's special needs and has value beyond the merely decorative.

In the event that a major commissioned work of art is to be incorporated into an architect's or interior designer's plans for an environment, Culturati works with them during the early planning stages to determine all art needs. Because commissions require careful budgeting, attention to scale and choice of medium and scheduling of production and installation, Culturati's expertise in these areas is invaluable.

For more information on Culturati and Paul Maxwell, contact:

Cher Dale
P.O. Box 178170
San Diego, California
U.S.A. 92177-8170

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